The work that we do at CYFC could not happen without the wonderful support of all our volunteers both in our schools work and at The Edge youth club. Our volunteers do the following activities: mentoring, Schools Pastors, cooking with the young people, teaching film making techniques, giving careers advice, organising messy games, creating arts and crafts projects, playing computer games, giving advice, helping write job applications, playing football, organising charity bake sales, praying with the team every week, photographing activities... and more than we can list. Thank you to all of our existing volunteers!

We would love to hear from you if you would like to join our happy team. We are always in need of helpers to facilitate our activities, and it really is as simple as hanging out at club, getting to know our young people, and responding to ideas they have of goals they would like to achieve to help make them happen. Anybody of any age can help, our volunteers represent every generation, and every denomination! The only qualification is that you’re interested...

Here are some comments from our Volunteers and our Youth about volunteering:

“I really think and pray about the club I help at. I’m really attached to it and miss it when I’m not there.”  Volunteer

“The best thing about mentoring is that you get to spend quality time with that person and can do a variety of activities” Youth Club member

“My daughter’s mentor is doing a really good job with her, and I’ve enjoyed all the yummy cooking!” Youth Club parent

“I just love spending time together, hanging out, hopefully having a positive influence and I’ve actually learned some really cool stuff from my mentee” Volunteer mentor

“We are now accepted by students as a normal part of the Friday scene and hope they understand that we are there because we value them and care about their well-being.” Volunteer school pastor


Please email lyndsayh@chislehurstyfc.org.uk for more information about volunteering with us.