About Us

Who we are

Chislehurst YFC is a small Christian youth charity formed in 2004 with a mission to reach out to local young people and to see their lives transformed. We are based in the heart of the Edgebury estate in Chislehurst where we have our own centre "The Edge" where we run 6 weekly Youth Clubs, Mentoring, and support for young people aged 16-21 finding work and apprenticeships. We also have a dedicated schools worker who works within 7 local secondary schools providing mentoring, Christian Unions, R.E. lessons and assemblies. All of the work we do in Chislehurst is to benefit the lives of young people and their families.

How we started

Chislehurst YFC was set up originally by a few members of Churches Together in Chislehurst when a dedicated Youth-Working Group was formed. Headed up by John Roberts, then Church Leader for Ichthus Chislehurst, we decided to link with Youth for Christ. Then the challenge of sourcing money started so that youth workers could be employed. As we all know, getting money can be hard work, so one of the Youth-Working Group members had a bright idea to set up a charity shop on Chislehurst High Street! The hope was that this shop would bring in the much needed money to employ staff with enough of a surpluss to do some youth work. Who would have dreamt that 10 years on the 2gether Charity Shop would be able to provide enough finance to employ four full-time and three part time staff, pay for rent on two buildings and support school & community youth work for hundreds of young people!